Community Watch & Safety


Residents are reminded to lock vehicles and secure residences at all times. Call State Police directly if you observe anything suspicious; then notify the Board.

Click to read the Multi-City Auto Theft and Urban Violence Task Force Statistics

If you see something, say something.

Troop C can be reached at (800) 318-7633 or (860) 896-3200.
There is also an anonymous tip line available for reporting suspected criminal activity:


Connecticut Emergency Management

Resources for Individuals

Local Emergency Contact Information:
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Ashford Fire Department – Emergency 911

Eastford Fire Department – Emergency 911

Connecticut State Police  – Emergency 911

Eastern Highlands Health District (Ashford) – (860) 429-3325

Northeast District Department of Health (Eastford) – (860) 774-7350

Ashford Animal Control – (860) 487-4402

Eastford Animal Control – (860) 377-6635

American Red Cross, Connecticut – (800) 733-2767

Connecticut Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security – (860) 566-3180


Ice Safety Information

The winter season offers many opportunities for sports and recreation at Ashford Lake. Should your activities include venturing out onto the frozen surface of the lake, be aware of the danger and take precautions to ensure your safety.

  • No ice should be considered “safe.”
  • It takes at least four inches of clear, solid ice to support a person; it takes five to six inches to support a group of people.
  • Ice thickness and strength can vary in different spots on the lake. Springs, water depth, temperature fluctuation and wind will all affect the thickness of the ice.
  • When air temperature stays above freezing for 24 hours or more, ice starts losing strength.
  • Snow cover inhibits ice formation. The snow insulates the ice from the cold air above, and the warm water underneath contributes to melting the ice.
  • Avoid getting onto ice if it has melted away from the shore.
  • Above all, never go out on the ice alone, always let someone know your plans, and carry a cell phone to call 911 in case of an emergency.
  • Recreational vehicles, snowmobiles and ATV’s are prohibited from use on the frozen surface of Ashford Lake.


ALPOA Vehicle Regulations

No person shall operate and no Association Member shall permit the operation of any Recreation Vehicle, Snowmobile, and All Terrain Vehicle on or in the lake, beaches, roads, right-of-ways and any other common elements of the Association unless the owner holds a valid, written consent letter awarded by the A.L.P.O.A. Board of Directors before such operation shall be lawful.
To read more about the ATV Resolutions, click HERE.


ALPOA Dog Regulations

All dogs must be leashed and under owner’s control when on roads, rights of way, beaches or any common area.
Please clean up after your pets.

Connecticut Statutes apply. To read more about the CT Statutes, click HERE.