ALPOA Annual Meeting – Saturday, October 7, 2023

8:30-9:00AM Coffee & Bagels
9:00-11:00AM Meeting
Ashford Senior Center, 25 Tremko Lane or Virtual (email for link)

All homeowners are encouraged to attend!

August Beach Water Testing

Download pdf document with the results here >>

July Beach Water Testing

Download pdf document with the results here >>

Updated Rental Guidelines

Dear ALPOA Members:

After the Town of Ashford PZC adopted Short-term Rental Regulations, the ALPOA Board of Directors formed a subcommittee to look into regulations for ALPOA rental properties located in the Town of Eastford, which has no zoning. After extensive research and discussion, the committee’s work has resulted in the following Rental Guidelines for Ashford Lake properties in both towns. These Rental Guidelines were developed from existing 2019 guidelines, community input solicited in the January 2023 newsletter and from comments at Board meetings from November through February.

While the Rental Guidelines have been developed specifically for property owners offering their premises to tenants/guests on either a long or short-term basis in exchange for a fee, they are being made available to all property owners in the interest of promoting awareness and positive community relations. The Rental Guidelines will be posted on the website, along with a link to the Ashford PZC Regulations, and included in informational packets to new owners. They will take effect 30 days from the date of this communication.


ALPOA Board of Directors 



Please leash and clean up after your pet!

Pet waste can be a health risk and a source of pollution to our lake. The nutrients in pet waste, notably nitrogen, and phosphorus, make their way to ponds, lakes, and streams. This can encourage weed or algae growth in the waterways, which may eventually lead to lower oxygen levels. Insufficient oxygen can harm fish and other organisms that live in the water. 

Watch for Canada Geese!

Observe pairs closely. Use any non-lethal method available to harass geese in order to discourage them from nesting here. Please report any suspected or confirmed nesting sites to the Board of Directors immediately. 

Email or call 860-208-4027

A Message from the ALPOA Board of Directors

ALPOA Board Meeting Details:

Date: Monday, July 24, 2023, 7PM via zoom and in-person.

Please email for the link and/or in-person details.


Public Safety Notice

Annual Meeting Minutes 2022

The ALPOA Board urges all Ashford Lake residents to follow CDC guidelines regarding masking, social distancing and hygiene in order to support the health and welfare of our community.

Please stay informed by keeping abreast of all federal, state and local information sources.

Board business will continue to be conducted via Zoom meetings, email and messaging for the foreseeable future. To request the link to a monthly Board meeting, provide your email address via this site or to any Board member. Meeting dates are posted here, on the community bulletin boards and on the ALPOA Community Facebook page.

Interested in the latest news?

Click HERE to read our most recent meeting minutes

Click HERE to read the annual meeting minutes.

Please see the link below from the Connecticut Boaters’ Guide for important information on protecting our lake from invasive aquatic plants and animals. Please visit the Ashford Lake Environment section on the Property owners menu as well.

Interested in serving on the Ashford Lake
Property Owner’s Association Board?

Contact any Board Member for more information.

Wild Bird Mortality FAQ:

Visit the ALPOA Events page for meeting and event dates.

Community Watch
& Safety Notice

While our community is generally quiet, peaceful and safe, we are occasionally affected by criminal acts. Residents are reminded to remain vigilant and to report vandalism, trespassing or any activity that appears suspicious to:

Connecticut State Police, Troop C

Contact a Board Member for the Zoom invitation

Seasonal Notes

  • Our landscape contractor did a great job of clearing swales, culverts and drainage basins all around the lake this fall. Because debris may still accumulate over the winter and blockages can cause icing or flooding, please report any observed problem areas to the Board. Residents who are fit and able are requested to assist in keeping the drainage system clear and unobstructed. Thank you on behalf of your neighbors.
  • Please keep your mailbox cleared and accessible for the mail carrier after snow storms.
  • Getting out onto the ice for skating and fishing is hard to resist, but the freezing and thawing weather pattern that we have been experiencing in recent years makes ice safety a major concern. Please go to the Property Owners menu and review the Ice Safety Information in the Community Watch & Safety section.
  • Ice Fishing on Ashford Lake is regulated by the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection. Anyone planning to ice fish on Ashford Lake should be familiar with the DEEP rules and regulations that govern the activity. Please go to Property Owners menu and find ice fishing regulations in the Ashford Lake Environment section.
  • Recreational vehicles, snowmobiles and ATV’s are prohibited from use on the frozen surface of Ashford Lake. Please go to the Property Owners menu and find the full Recreational Vehicle Resolution / Policy in the Community Watch & Safety section.
  • According to CT DEEP Boating Regulations, a PFD must be worn by anyone in a manually propelled vessel (i.e., canoe or kayak) from October 1 through May 31.
  • Stay warm, stay safe and have a Wonderful Winter at the lake!