ALPOA Assessment Information

  • The assessment funds are used to maintain common areas of the association including our private roads, the dam, lake, and beaches. Other significant expenses include snowplowing and liability insurance.
  • As per the association covenants included with each property owner’s deed, the association is responsible for maintaining common areas and can charge each property owner an assessment to fund the maintenance efforts.
  • Each contiguous parcel of land is charged a single assessment, regardless of size.
  • The assessment is annual, covering the period 1/1 to 12/31.
  • Assessment bills are sent to property owners in January.
  • The assessment is due by March 1st; however, the assessment can be paid in two 50% installments on March 1stand September 1st. To assist with cash flow, full payments by March 1st are always appreciated.
  • Property owners are charged a 10% annual late fee for outstanding assessment balances as of 12/31, with a maximum annual limit of $60.
  • If any property owner would like to establish a payment plan, please contact Don Judson, Treasurer at 860-306-7117
  • Effective 1/1/23, the annual assessment is $600 per contiguous parcel.